Palme, Natalie
Order extra! This product is crazy good. I stay stocked on it!

Rose, Stephany
I love this product! Honestly I heard my coworkers talk about it but I didn’t believe them. I tried it and after the first day I ordered more. I’ve done 2 rounds and lost a total of 12 pounds. Good stuff.

Patterson, Simone
Can’t lie I was scared to try this detox. I thought it would be like a laxative. I hate laxatives! But this was way smoother than a laxative. I ordered again and ordered extra. I want my stomach much flatter. I have a 16 month old so I need the extra push.

Neal, Eboni
We had a weight loss challenge at work and I used this detox as a push. I WON! I lost nearly 8 pounds overall. I ordered again but haven’t started my second batch yet.

Combs, Amanda
My sister raved about this product for months. I finally tried it and I’m hooked. I look so freakin good these days. Can’t believe the price.

Metlar, Easton
I love this detox. Only complaint is waiting a few days for shipping. I need this in stores so I can walk in and buy it. Stock up! This time I ordered extra.

Hanns, Jennifer
What a difference a detox can make. Who knew! My waistline looks so good these days. I have everyone I know trying this detox. It’s unreal.

Ralph, Donna
I like it b/c its short and simple. 3 days and I lost 6 pounds and about 3 inches on my overall waist. I’m starting again soon. Best one I’ve tried.

Mitchell, Vonn
The first day I experienced light cramping. Turns out I wasn’t drinking enough water. I increased my water intake and I felt so good. I lost 8 and half pounds in 1 week. I’m waiting for my second order to arrive.

Steward, Gail
Never knew I was so backed up. This detox cleansed me to the core. I will take this again around the holiday season. I felt so good after I completed it.

Moore, Asia
I need MORE! I lost 7 pounds while on this detox. Although it was 3 days, I continued to flush for nearly 6 additional days. I’m starting again with my mom and aunt.

Rabby, Mitchell
Water, water , water! Please drink a lot of water while using this detox. It will help with a smooth flow and flush. I’ve just started it again for a second round. First time I lost 5.4 pounds

Synn, Ross
Make sure you’re following the instructions. Please take during the time frame as directed. I ended up on the toilet in the middle of the day. After day 1. I followed the instruction for day 2 and3 and was able to go before work. Overall I like the detox. I lost a little over 7 pounds in 3 days. I’m going to start it again soon.

Louis, Staci
Started the detox but only took 2 capsules. Went on vacation and didn’t complete. I felt good after the first day. I feel I need to order more to do the full 3 days consecutively. All of my friends love this detox

Austin, Angela
Started this detox to help with my 2021 health goals. I’m on day 2 and I love it so far.

Lasster, Erin
I ordered the detox actually 6days worth. I’m glad I ordered extra. Felt great after the first 3 days but I’m on day 4 and love the way I’m looking and feeling.

Moon, Stephanie
Ready to start this healthy journey ,I’ve heard so many good things about this detox.

Adams, Rena
So excited to start another round of this detox. I love it. I honestly wish it was more than 3 days. That’s my only complaint.

Floran, Ashley
Can’t believe I lost 9 pounds. Drink your water while on this detox.

Brayden, Tanya
WOW! Best 3 days ever!